Sbarro at the Mall

So, I had another fun filled weekend of shopping, homework and pizza eating. The bad news? I was Christmas shopping in a crowd of people right in the middle of Christmas shopping season!! The good news? I had a wonderful slice of Sbarro’s pizza!!

After two hours of walking, rushing and yelling around the mall for my mother who likes to wonder off without saying a word, I decided to help myself to a specialty stuffed pizza. It was spinach and broccoli, and I can honestly say that I have never had a spinach and broccoli pizza…I was a bit excited.

The pizza was made with delicious goodness. There were two crisp crusts that were overstuffed with spinach, broccoli, ricotta, mozzarella, and Romano cheese. By the way, cheese is my second favorite food to eat! YUM! Although I hate the atmosphere of the mall, I certainly enjoyed this stuffed delight.

My sister was a bit more daring than I was. She had the Hawaiian pizza. This aloha pizza features sweet pineapple, sliced ham and melted mozzarella on top of their amazing seasoned tomato sauce. I will admit, the thought of pineapple on my pizza sounds weird! But, I feel you should try it before you dog it…or whatever that saying is, ha-ha!

So, the next time you head to your local Sbarro near you, try their Hawaiian pizza or their spinach and broccoli stuffed pizza. They are guaranteed a good bite.


About angelicabrown

I'm Angelica. I love my friends, food and being happy :)
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