Cafe Roma Pizzeria

In between Hooters and the AMC movie theater in downtown Phoenix at the AZ Center on 3rd street and Van Buren, is a place called Cafe Roma Pizzeria. I’ve been going to this pizzeria for the past year and I must say, it is delicious.

They have a variety of different pizzas from the tomato basil to the salad pizza and of course, their classic peperoni pizza. I was able to chat with the owner, Angela Knezevic about how she got started owning her own pizzeria.

“Actually, a friend talked me into it. I never had experience but they had the experience and I had the money…I’ve been running this place for the past year, but this pizza shop has been around for eight years.”

There are several pizza shops out there in the world, so it is hard to find out which one is the best, sometimes it just depends on who they are made. Knezevic says that her pizzeria is not a conveyor belt type of place. “The pizza is baked on stone. We have amazing cooks and great employees that make the dough from scratch and cut fresh toppings. There is nothing easy about what we do.” says Knezevic

According to Knezevic, Cafe Roma is busiest during the week between 12:30-1:30. She says that because the pizza shop is located in the middle of corporate business and most of those people will grab lunch at Cafe Roma.

If you are wondering what the most popular pizza is at Cafe Roma is, Knezevic says it’s their salad pizza. “It’s basically a salad on top of a pizza. There is not marinara sauce and it is filled with spinach, green peppers, olives, mushroom, onions and feta cheese.” says Knezevic.

Knezevic also said that she is looking for part time employees that does a little bit of everything in the pizza shop. “All the employees know how to cook and use the register.” says Knezevic.

This pizzeria is good and has great flavors in the pizza. If you are every in the downtown Phoenix area and you are craving tasty pizza, I suggest you stop at Cafe Roma.

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