Streets of Old Pork

There are several things that need to take place in order to enjoy your meal. Number 1: The food must be good (Well duh…that is the most obvious) Number 2: The waiter/waitress must be efficient and have the food out to you in a decent amount of time (You don’t wanna starve do you?). Number 3: You must be surrounded by people you enjoy hanging out with (That way you can have fun table conversation). And the last would be having the waiter/waitress offer dessert (I love something sweet after a meal). So none of that happened (with the exception of  number 3) when I went to Streets of New York in Glendale this past Sunday.

The afternoon started out great. I just finished shopping at one of my favorite boutiques (Francesca…it’s the best!) with my mom and my sister when we all started to get hungry. My sister suggested Streets of New York because it was in the same area where we were shopping. You know me, I never turn down a pizza place and with a name like Streets of New York, I was looking forward to a authentic New York style pie. We walked in with eyes as big as our stomachs. I was already deciding that I wanted an original and classic slice of cheese pizza. YUM!
Our waitress started out as prefect. She got us our drinks right away and gave us some bread bites with marinara sauce to munch on while we wait for our food. My mom already was planning on leaving a great tip for her. Soon the bread bites were gone and our hunger grew on and on (HA! I can rhyme).  Ten minutes turned into 20 and 20 turned into 30. My mom was starting to get angry and I wasn’t far behind her. If it weren’t for the Cardinals game playing, I think I would have gone crazy. Rule Number 2 already broken!

We finally get our food and the pizza, well… it sucked! It was lame and tasted like something I heated up in my microwave. I was extremely disappointed with my cheese pizza. I started thinking that maybe I should have gotten a different type of pizza. Then I tasted my sister’s pepperoni and realized that their pizza just isn’t good. Rule Number 1, broken.

We get through our meals and the waitress just walks by and places the check on the edge of our table. I looked through the dessert menu on the table and noticed that they didn’t have anything interesting to eat. I was already in a crap mood due to the long wait of my meal and the lack of good taste in my meal. My stomach started to hurt because I think I waited too long to eat…it was enough for us to pay real quick and get the heck out!

Overall, I leave the decision up to all you pizza lovers out there if you wanna dine at Streets of New York. I probably will cross them off my list of pizza parlors BUT I will say, that they did have some pretty tasty wings…but that can be for a different blog.


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I'm Angelica. I love my friends, food and being happy :)
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