PMS: Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Sausage

My Motivation for this blog came to me in a dream that I had recently. I was stuck on a deserted island, somewhere tropical and beautiful. I have a gorgeous male by my side and he ask me, “What would you like to eat, my love?” Although I am stunned that a Bradley Cooper look-alike is looking into my eyes and uses the phrase ‘my love’ in a sentence, my answer is so simple; PIZZA!
Pizza has always been that one type of food that just works for almost every situation: Parties, dinners, first dates, an all carb girls night in, second dates, after a hangover and of course while drinking a beer. The best thing about Pizza is that it isn’t boring. There are so many different ways to approach a slice of pizza. You can have white sauce, red sauce, you can add fruit, different meats, and if you don’t like meat, have a cheese pizza…The list is endless.
Not only are there different kinds of pizza out there in this great world, but there are different ways to bake a pie: Pizza rolls, pizza bread, mini pizza, calzone, stuffed pizza, dessert pizza, Mexican pizza…you name it!
Whether you are making your own pizza, going to a restaurant, or ordering in, most men and women will enjoy PMS: Pepperoni, Mushrooms, Sausage. I have to say, PMS pizza is a classic, wonderful choice to make when in the pizza eating mood. The best and most easiest place to get a good PMS pie is at Pizza Hut. Not only do they have great freshly baked bread underneath all the amazing toppings, but you can eat it in the comfort of your own living room in front of a nice big TV while you’re watching Dirty Dancing (Sorry, I’m a Patrick Swayze fan too). Or for the guys out there; a football game.
Let’s change gears! Let’s say you aren’t at home and you are out with friends, family, or on an awesome first date. Grimaldi’s Pizzeria is awesome. If you are looking for thin crust, no grease and a burst of authentic flavors, then Grimaldi’s is your place. The setting inside gives you a classy yet daring taste of New York. If you don’t feel like tasting the New York style, head over to Old Chicago! If you are looking for some seriously good pizza with over 100 beers to drink, then ease on down the road to Old Chicago. Their motto is Eat. Drink. Be Yourself. Their big portions and laid back setting will have you seriously enjoying the time you have there.

I could probably eat pizza every day for the rest of my life, but for sake of my body expanding and needing a healthy variety in my life, I don’t. Everyone needs cheat days and when I am taking a break from fruits, veggies, and other high in fiber items, I enjoy a nice slice of pizza.

For more information about pizza, recipes, places to find, and reviews check out


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